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bathurst in july at the bullring some pics

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Great weekend of racing and privileged to take out the overall award, wouldn't have happened without my team mate Clinton...well done.

Big thanks to the Page family, quite a commitment to hold an event of this size and inviting people from all over the country to race and stay at their house.

Lot of people behind the scenes helping out, thanks to you all and also a shout out to the sponsors for the great prizes.


Ultimately the racers make the event, thanks to everyone who made the effort to attend.


Looking forward to next year,


- Cam

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Little bit late to the party for me.... 


But I echo everyones sentiments from the weekend.


Awesome event, awesome camaraderie, awesome race track ( the grip was insane !!!! ) we took a punt on leaving it about a month out from the event and im glad we did.  


Congrats to Cam, such a quality racer and deserving of all the accolades..... it was a 3 way battle between Cam, Brooksy & myself heading into the final race of the weekend and i really enjoyed the way the meeting was finished off with a solo race to decide the event champion. 


Brooksy, thankyou for all your efforts with the Race Director(ing) of the event, and efforts on track was another great weekend for Bull Ring 2.


Jimmy, Kim, Cam , your help in scrutineering was greatly appreciated & it allowed us to pretty much stick to a pretty tight schedule ..... but all racers must really be thanked for your diligence in presenting race legal cars which made the job of scrutineering them so much easier. 


Pagey ( and family ) .... again, thankyou mate ! Your hospitality is unrivalled, i appreciate you putting the tornado & myself up personally ( how good was Matt with the kids over the weekend !!! ).


Learnt a few things to make the racing a better event etc over the weekend


Thanks to everyone who made the event what it was :) 

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