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Season 2019 - Brabham Track

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The Gary Johnson designed 6 lane is the premium 1/24 scale track at Thunderbird raceway. With flowing curves and good visibility the track is deceptively easy. However the back part of the track is difficult to read and the changing camber across the bridge is challenging to get right.

Built in 2014, it's first National event was the "South Australian Scaleauto 1/24 Scale Endurance Championships", 1/12/2014.

Not without it's own controversy, the track surface was not targeted for foam tyre racing, and even though it responded to race goo, it was very difficult to clean. It also destroyed tyres.

Following the 2017 APC on Webber, Thunderbird raceway agreed to re-coat the track to be more suited to goo.

We now rotate between the two tracks, keeping things interesting, and allowing us to make use of this great track.




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