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Looks Like HSC is Almost Done


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Hi Guys,.. just thought I should 'post' this Info' as 'posted' on the ASCRA Forum by James on Friday Arvo'  17th Jan' 2020.


Just got off the phone with the landlord and it looks like the proposed sale is happening, the minimum operating time left is 6 months or if the sale and submission of plans to council holds up proceedings: a year at the most.

No way I can keep operating with the amount of rent being charged for a comparable space being 5X what I am paying right now.

So, enjoy it while it lasts!
Thanks for your patronage over the last 50+ years!


Very, very SAD News !!!

Especially for someone like myself, that started Playing with and Racing slot cars there as a young 'Kid' in the late 1960's !!!

Was where I met Mark Fox, Wayne Bramble and Lindsay Byron etc in my first ever Division 3 NSWMRRA race, to eventually finish in 3rd place after melting the Endbell on My trusty 'hand Wound' Champion 26d.


The end of a Very LONG Era and one of only a Handful of Original raceways in the World Still operating in their Original Location !!   😢😭😭

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Talking with Stoo yesterday and trying to remember exactly when the flat track was built. The absolute latest possible year was 1992 as I moved to Brisbane in early 1993 making it 28 years old this year.

I've rebraided it a couple of times over the years and converted it to modular at one time so, unlike the hill climb track, it's easy to move and would be a good buy for someone if James can't find it a new home.



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Only raced there the once in a NSW Plafit Champs many years ago. Dave Newton and I travelled down from Qld for it. Was a great setup ... 


Sad day, but a reality of commercial rents today.. All the best James and hope the tracks find new homes somewhere.. 


Pete Richards


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