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Dear organisers of the endurance series

Handout motors should be considered for this series in particular. i suggest that a good stock of these motors are obtained ready for hand out and  (wait for it) Hand back at each of these three events,

The motors should be prepped the same way fox did last years event at Hornsby, each motor run in, numbered marked and then allocated by random selection at each event. At the end of the race the motors are handed back.

pro's and cons exit, but if you are serious about avoiding some of the rubbish from recent events then this is the way to go.

No system is ever perfect, but this would reduce cost, supply issues and at the last event the motors can be kept by the participants. Mark Fox should be the custodian as frankly he is the only guy i trust and he is a little crazy !!!!. 


What if more teams turn up than the previous event? so what, have more motors available, or restrict entries? 

What if Mark Fox does not turn up at each event, ? Use Australia Post.

Do i get the same motor at each event.? No. always a fresh lucky dip

What if one motor is a dud, ? either too bad or get rid of it because we would have spare motors.

Would the same pinion have to stay on? of course not.

We need fresh motors at each event, i am not too sure about this one, i don't think the races are long enough and most of the motors would be in same condition. but this should not be a deal breaker

I am no expert on the dynamics of these electric motors but i always have felt strongly about hand out motors the best events run nationally have always had them.

This preparation would take effort, but as i say , hand out motors have produced the racing with ONE less issue to talk about.  

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An even easier fix is to add $12 to each teams entry so they pay for a new motor at each event, this also fixes the financial strain placed on ACE Hobbies, SlotWorx etc .... In a highly competitive sport where there are a large number of suppliers and competitors i get wanting tho corner off the market place by offering sponsorship, but its a small pond here and again ill say it ..... if each team cant afford $12-$15 per class for a motor they probably werent going to race in the first place. ( it adds a max of $30 per driver per team to your total racing cost for a weekend ) 

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I'm beginning to wonder if running in motors - especially SRP's is even necessary.  Keep it simple.. just run it so you know it works,  number it to the Fox system.. at handout pay your $12 and record motor number to the team/ driver.

If it's a fail or poor performer  keep it simple as Wayne Bramble did for the 8 hour he organised.. we had a motor fail at the 5 hour's into the race.. 

We simply bought another numbered motor for $12 and kept racing.. due to a few miracles we still managed a podium. 

It's many many hours of time to run in about 70 motors as Fox did for previous events.. and  some still failed

 so why bother.

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  I agree Kim with not running them in at all. Just straight out of the packet and labeled. I had motors fail last year at Brisbane 12hr , Bullring GT3 and Melbourne GT3. With the cost of travelling, accommodation and weekend that sucks . If they are out of the packet maybe might be more reliable. Having said that last years Qld Enduro series was awesome to be apart of with great racing . No hand out motors and no issues. I can’t remember anyone winging about motors or pointing the finger at anyone . With all the effort to prepare for these events and to get dude motors or poor performance on the day changing your car’s performance . It shouldn’t  come down to lottery. I have always been a fan of hand out motors previously but I’m over them . 

Cheers Pagey 

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