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2020 Queensland GT Teams Championship


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2020 Queensland GT Team Enduro series - Round 1  Rivercity Raceway - Sunday 9th February
Venue is Rivercity Raceway - 300 Oxley Avenue Margate Queensland  
Hi everyone, 
Next week the 2020 Qld GT Team series starts..  looks to be very exciting race day with 13 teams competing at this stage from the Gold Coast, Toowoomba and all of Brisbane. Race procedure is the same as previous years but this year your laps and track position will become your points. By doing this we will  have a better overall picture of the performance difference between Am's and Pro's to help determine driver ratings at the end of the year. This year there will be no double points final round but you will still be able to drop your worst round. 
Please read the following general race rules and format we will be adhering to: 
  •  7.30am - Shop opens and all lanes are switched on. - To help the raceway with costs there is a flat $5 fee to cover your practise time. Please pay at the counter when you arrive at the raceway.
  • 8.45am - Scrutineering - All Scaleauto cars to the scrutineers table - to prevent race start delays please ensure cars have correct clearances, weights and gearing. Any cars not corrected by 9am with have to be fixed under green. Once cars are scrutineered all cars are required to stay in 'parc ferme'  (behind the scrutineers table) until race time. When your race is called you are allowed to clean your tyres and straighten braids only. 
  • Entry fee is $10 per driver - per class. All proceeds go to the track. Once again we must thank Andrew and Simon from the Narangba club for donating trophy's for the series.      
  • 8.55am - Driver briefing.   
  • 9.am - Scaleauto Race start -
  • 11am - All Slotworx Porsche Cup cars to the Scrutineers table. Cars will be impounded until race time.
  • 1pm - All GT3 cars to the scrutineers table. Cars will be impounded until race time.
  • Racetime - 8 x 7 minute brackets with 1 minute lane change. 
  • Marshalling - Your team must marshal allocated the lane colour position while you are racing on the track.. 
  • Car Breakdowns - In the event of a mechanical failure cars must stop in the "pit zone" or be removed from the track where the failure occurred   Cars must never be removed by the driver on the main straight. Team members may work on the car but only if a suitably qualified person is nominated in their absence. ( suitably qualified means a fellow race driver - not your granny) 
  • Lane changes - Are 1 minute. There is no working on cars during a lane change other than taping tyres and straightening braids. ( no oiling ! ) Please proceed to your allocated marshalling position as quickly as possible. When you go to a "bye" you will need a "peg" or similar to mark your finish position. 
  • Penalties - A 5 lap penalty will apply If If you: ( A ) abandon your marshal position without making suitable arrangements during a race, (B) A minimum of 10 laps per minute penalty applies for working on your car during a lane change or while the car is in parc ferme.
  • It will be a long day of racing - there will be no formal lunch break but there will be a short break between events. We will organise a pizza delivery but it may be best to bring your own food if pizza is not your thing...  
See you all race day.. p.m. me or Andrew if you are unsure of anything,
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