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  What a great days fun with great blokes . Fantastic to start our NSW Enduro series off . I think we were the only racing in the World 🌍 today 😂😂 as a result of all these virus 🦠 concerns . We managed a field of seven 2 man teams for our three classes today . First up was our Scaleauto GT class . I have to say that the racing was very clean with minimal stoppages or track calls . Teams were fighting it out closely through out the entire race. The Bullring  team of Ben and Pagey were able to skip away but for the minor podium spots it was a great battle to the end .  Team Monster of Chris and Troy driving well to just keep the Outtertowners team of Ian and Jack behind for third place . 
   A quick turnaround for race two. Our next class up Slotworx Porsche ready to roll . Once again the pace was hot with great close racing . There was nothing again between teams with the entire field nice and tight with the exception of Bullring team skipping away . It was Outtertown boys fighting hard with Monster again . Most of the race only separated by the smallest of margins and then again nothing back to Team Nissan and Sergants also in a close battle ready to challenge for the podium. These battles continued for two hours right to the end with Monster again just getting over the top of the Bush boys . Bullring once again holding the top step . 
      We had a great little break for lunch with a sausage sandwich, drinks along with more laughs etc . Great part of these  days is the atmosphere of fun and mates just enjoying a day out together. 
      Next up was the premier class of GT3. This class was a red hot pace from the start. The theme continued again with the Bullring boys skipping away again . With Team Monster our with Chris having to miss the last race to attend his wife’s birthday party . Great that we had you involved mate , appreciate your support. So that gave the Outtertowners a good start at second place . Running at a nice pace through all lanes . Sergants stepped up the pace and also put together a great race to be in the hunt for the podium. Team Nissan also fought hard to be in with a sniff if the others faulted in anyway. But that’s the way the positions stayed with Bullring , Outtertowners and Sergants closing the podium. Great to see Jamie and Serg on the podium . 
    In general I would like to thank everyone for a great day . Especially thank you to Ben for a really early start . Race director roll and being a fantastic team mate . I was really happy to see the great racing  spirit, the  atmosphere etc today was just fantastic  . We are so lucky to have such a great club of mates . It was also the aim to get us all ready for the up coming series in Melbourne then up in Brisbane in the Australian Enduro series.  I think with the standard of racing today in Enduro formats we should see our club very competitive. If nothing else we are going to travel and have a shit load of fun . 
   Looking forward to seeing more people involved for the following two rounds of this series. Check the dates out and come along. 👍🏻

Cheers Pagey 






















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