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2018 Slotworx Cup Car Regulations


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Hi all,


First up apologies for the delay in getting these regulations formulated, and equally for it's fairly long winded result. As we know racers will be racers, so I've tried to cover as many bases as I can to keep the class to the best parity possible. I'll leave things open until the end of the month in case I've missed anything obvious.


I realise I've sold quite a few kits in a short period of time (actually lots of kits! yikes!) without a formal ruleset, if anyone has problems I'm happy to warrant any interpretation issues free of charge.


Feedback welcome....




- Cam





















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A clarification on the rules regarding lead wires.


You may add devices to manage lead wires as long as they do not influence the normal operation of the chassis, specifically the normal movement of the 'H' and 'T' plates, and comply with all other rules.


Such devices may include, PC board, clips, tape, cable ties, shrink tube, etc.

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