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2021 Lexan Shootout (aka HSC Endurance Championships)

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Porsche Cup 6 Hour Enduro









Bullring was looking the goods until with about 5 minutes to go they had the wall shot of all time and managed to smash out an oilite in the back end and in doing so failed the ride height test at race completion and so were disqualified along with Team OZ who also failed the ride height test.













































So that's a wrap for 2021.


Just like to thank everybody for coming and James and Joe for the great track prep and help in making the event go smoothly. Also a great big thanks to FAT Racing team mates Darryl and Stoo.






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What a fantastic weekend as always . Thank you Foxy for all your hard work through the weekend and especially your detailed preparation. A faultless program running to schedule is the result of all th


Another great Hornsby weekend.. thanks Fox for organising and running such a smooth well informed event. As usual it was great to catch up with old mates.. it's been a long time with Covid knocking ou

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  What a fantastic weekend as always . Thank you Foxy for all your hard work through the weekend and especially your detailed preparation. A faultless program running to schedule is the result of all those hours and efforts. Thanks James,  as always the track and centre was awesome. Congratulations to the winners and other podium place getters throughout the three classes. It was fantastic to see our Bull Ring mates Brooksy and Rodney get the win in FLM .      Thanks to my own team mates across the weekend. Noel for teaming up in FLM this year . I always have so much fun when we get the chance to team up, unfortunately we had a good car but no pace this time 🤷‍♂️. The Porsche was a fantastic day even though the race ending didn’t go our way this time  . To team up with champion blokes and drivers Cam and Ben it’s a true privilege. Cam set us up with an amazing top qualifying. Just smashed it mate . 😳👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻 . Then we were fast across all lanes except black were I struggled . The boys really steeped up to carry me through . 😤😬 We had our first bit of bad luck on yellow, dropping 10 laps when we tangled with a back marker sending us to the fence .It happens, that’s just racing.  We got the Car sorted and put our heads down again. We managed to pull it back by the last bracket to a 13 lap lead . Finishing on red as we planned ,  it was going to be hard to keep a fast finishing team OZ on white behind us . Cody had a super drive as we all expected on his stint. But with 5min to go and with a 4 lap lead we were truly looking good, especially with Cam at the wheel . Unfortunately a minor race tangle that wasn’t anyone’s fault just the result of good hard racing had us drop into another lane and get a red hot runner sending us so hard into the fence that it destroyed the car . Cam felt terrible but that’s just racing. All good Champion it could have happened to any of us at any time .That’s just bad luck unfortunately. It was such an exciting race all the way with team Oz and a true testament of Cams foresight for a parity based formula that after 5 hrs and 55min it was that close. Great cars , great racing on a great track . 
As always the race spirit at the track and especially the fun at the Bluegum pub with everyone is what makes Hornsby special . Meeting up with mates from interstate and other clubs and sharing laughs plus plenty of beers. Hopefully with the uncertainty about future events at Hornsby we can lock something in to keep meeting and racing as a race group at least once a year minimum. 
   I wish James all the best in the future and pray that he can find an outcome that is financially viable for him. Plus gives us an opportunity to continue supporting him with race meetings on this unreal track . 

Cheers and thanks Pagey. 










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Another great Hornsby weekend.. thanks Fox for organising and running such a smooth well informed event. As usual it was great to catch up with old mates.. it's been a long time with Covid knocking out most of last years races. This year Noel, Simon and I teamed up (NSK) and got lucky with a few podiums between us.  For me personally the race I enjoyed most was  the FLM event with the top three placings only separated by 1 lap!

Our team name however should have DimSim instead of KimSim.. (Kim & Simon) After a disasterous qualifying run I realised I had put on the wrong tyres so under green at race start we had to do a tyre change. 80 minutes later we narrowly won the B main with 873 laps just nosing out the two Bullring teams. A tense wait while the A main was being run became pretty exciting when I realised we almost had the same laps going into the last bracket as the A main leading teams. Fat racing looked to have it by 2 laps but then Fox hit the floor and for a moment Wayne could'nt make the track call buzzer work. Linfox then moved to the lead and finished on the same 873 laps we had.. The bell lap time was the decider.. Linfox made it by 4 seconds for 1st, my DimSim team for 2nd and Fat racing only a lap further back for 3rd.  A grerat race!  

In GT3 a welcome change to the 2021 rules allowed the race organiser to nominate motor choice. The nominated 30k SRP with a 13T pinion and worked really well on the Hornsby track. The extra oomph had no one complaining about getting left behind on the straights.. instead driver technique and chassis set up came into play and really showed which drivers were doing it right.  Qualifying and race times were barely a 1/2 of a tenth of a second quicker than last year. and interestingly 5 different chassis made it to the front. In Qualifying Stoo / De Watcher, Noel / Plafit post chassis, Cody /Johnson chassis. and Fox with a Jacques.  In the main race Cody ran away with the Johnson,  Brooksy came thru the field to 2nd with a Fola and Fox running the cheapest car in the field picked up 3rd running the Brisbane Jacques chassis. Great to see local product up there with the best Europe has to offer. I never got on the boil in GT3 so I wont bore you with the details. 

The Slotworx Porsche Cup event worked really well with a full field of 8 teams.. 6 solid hours of racing with all teams on the track at the same time really kept interest up. For this event Bullring and Oz slugged it out with both teams virtually taking it in turns to lead the event. Bullring top lap scored on purple with a whopping 444 laps only to lose the lead on black with mechanical issues.  Team Oz then took over the lead top scoring on Black but Bullring regained the lead coming off the slow lanes. Fat racing got up to 2nd outright for 3 brackets but repeated body damage kept the laps down when needed. Going into the last bracket Bullring looked to be a comfortable winner but a crash in the closing minutes of the race saw the back end of the car collapse and not able to drive round the track much less paas the clearance check at the end.  Oz moved up into first and must have thought they got lucky but an earlier crash bent the front end so they also failed the finish line clearance test.  This elevated Fat racing to 1st, my team NSK racing to 2nd and Linfox back on the podium again to 3rd. A great days racing with plenty of action.. 

A big thanks to James for keeping the doors open, Fox for organising the years premier event and everyone for coming.. hope the track survives so we can do it all again one day.. 




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