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Slotworx Gen II

Garry J

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Hi All,


This is the new 2nd generation Slotworx chassis. The main plate, adjustable rear end and motor mounts are unchanged, and it still uses aluminium body mounts for reliability. After discussion with Fox a while back we both decided it was too close to the Hornsby race to introduce new parts so they will be available next week, although I have orders already so there may be a wait for new orders. Upgrade kits will be available and all complete chassis will be supplied fully assembled.


Features - T plate has 2 positions +/- 6mm, plus 12mm adjustment for the bearing holders. Front bearing holders are available in resin (for 2 bearing independent front axles) or aluminium. Front axle height adjustment is by shims and Plafit bearing holders will fit.


My intent is to make a generic club racing chassis that can be used for a variety of bodies and classes, rather than only fitting the Slotworx Porsche or Aussie V8.





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Hi Garry,


Just saw this post - great looking piece of kit.


Apart from the 2 position T plate and adjustable bearing holder positioning it looks to have an adjustable guide tongue as well?


A well thought out and very versatile chassis - looking forward to seeing one in the flesh.





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Firstly I hope you are all safe, healthy and sane in these times of COVID 19 and these never to sufficiently damned, but necessary, lockdowns.
With the new updated Slotworx chassis being so very different from the 1st generation will, or should, there be new rules coming out in the future for the Aussie V8’s and Porsche Cup? I am not trying to cause an argument here, just asking if there will be changes made. The Gen2 is 15 grams lighter than the Gen1 which means it doesn’t fit within the rules as they are now. Also there is the option of having independent front wheels which isn’t allowed in the old rules. The front axle uprights which can be replaced with Plafit or Scaleauto parts, will that be allowed. With bearings being suppplied with the Gen2 kits that would suggest that oil-lites are now obsolete. 
I have my own opinion about the changes that have been made which I will keep to myself at this point in time, all I would like to know is if and or when there are going to be changes made to the rules. 
I have been known to cause arguments about various other subjects but I am certain that there are other racers out there who would like to  have the areas of doubt and uncertainty/ rules and regulations updated to allow the Gen2 to be used. If it’s just a simple case of adding weight, using oil-lites instead of the supplied bearings and using a solid axle in the front, so be it.
As it used to say on the old fireworks rockets, light the blue touch paper and step back.

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Hi Richard,


Some history. Last year and early this year I sold virtually nothing Slotworx, simply because there was nothing open. This was actually a good thing because I couldn't buy most of the bits I needed, and my laser cutter decided to take my money and run. Eventually parts started getting through and I sorted out some laser cutting, but, I then find I can't buy the correct grade of aluminium sheet to make T and H plates, body mounts and motor mounts. With even the best grade being too weak, and the subject of many complaints, I wasn't prepared to downgrade so I did the only thing I could and made the GenII.

The oilite problem is an entirely different matter. The last time I ordered oilites I was supplied with solid brass bearings, similar to those made by Slick7. I can't supply these to use on stainless steel axles, which is the only thing we can get in 3mm, they have to be oiled extremely frequently or they'll chew out the axle in my experience. I found ball races are incredibly cheap so I changed. Even if I can get oilites now I'm not going to go back, but they'll be legal for racing.


So now you know how we got to this point, not by choice.


I have been discussing the problem of the 2 different chassis with racers and I've decided to make a new set of rules for the new chassis. They'll be the same as the old rules as far as you can't change or modify any chassis components, same wheels and tyres and dimensions, etc, but the minimum weight will be reduced and the following are added to the free choice list -


Axle bearings

Front axle - independent or solid, any material. Slotworx or Plafit bearing mounts only.


It has to be said that these are only National Rules and they don't suit every track. I always encourage clubs to stay close to the national rules but do what works best on your track.


Slotworx is not my primary employment, I work in IT. Slotworx gets whatever time I can spare after work, family, lawns, pool, pets, cars, etc. I'm sure you know how it is.

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Hi Gary, Thanks for the explanation, I hope your laser cutter has stopped running away with your money being the expensive toys that they are. Is there a time when the rules are going to be changed or is that still in discussion with the rules committee?

I have tried out a Gen2 car and it is a much better handling car compared to the Gen1 so needless to say there are upgrade kits waiting for me at Mr. Slotcar when we can eventually get back to racing let alone travel more than 10kms from home.

I must say that the Gen1 was a good starter chassis for new racers because it was easy to set up, maintain and repair. The Gen2 however may be a different story but any newbies can always ask the more experienced racers for help, I thank the slot car gods that I have a GJ Chassis jig because it will be getting a work out eventually.

So stay treacherous, drink up and race on Gary.

Richard M, from my padded cell in lockdown.

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