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Hi All,


This is the new 2nd generation Slotworx chassis. The main plate, adjustable rear end and motor mounts are unchanged, and it still uses aluminium body mounts for reliability. After discussion with Fox a while back we both decided it was too close to the Hornsby race to introduce new parts so they will be available next week, although I have orders already so there may be a wait for new orders. Upgrade kits will be available and all complete chassis will be supplied fully assembled.


Features - T plate has 2 positions +/- 6mm, plus 12mm adjustment for the bearing holders. Front bearing holders are available in resin (for 2 bearing independent front axles) or aluminium. Front axle height adjustment is by shims and Plafit bearing holders will fit.


My intent is to make a generic club racing chassis that can be used for a variety of bodies and classes, rather than only fitting the Slotworx Porsche or Aussie V8.





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Hi Garry,


Just saw this post - great looking piece of kit.


Apart from the 2 position T plate and adjustable bearing holder positioning it looks to have an adjustable guide tongue as well?


A well thought out and very versatile chassis - looking forward to seeing one in the flesh.





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