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INTERIM Slotworx Porsche Cup Rules


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Hi All

In the absence of any rule set issued post the release of  Gen II kits and upgrade components I have taken it upon myself to produce the following INTERIM Rule Set.

My objective was to produce a level playing field for all racers no matter what components from Gen I and Gen II they may be using. This was further necessitated  as the only components now commercially available are the complete Gen II kit or the Gen II upgrade kit.

This Rule Set has been adopted by Sydney Society of Model Engineers (SSME) where many of the homeless HSC cohort now race and Seagulls Slotcars.

Kim has also spoken to:-

Mobile Raceway - Peter Dimmers

Narangba Raceway - Andrew Bartholomew

The Bull Ring - Glenn Page

Bonogin Valley Raceway - Mark

In doing so he has gained actual or tacit approval for my efforts.

As such these will be the Rules for the upcoming Australia Day Classic @ Seagulls.

So here goes: -


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Hi Victory,


Interesting that you point this out as the wording has not changed since 2018 but I assume that the Black Magic option is implied here .


I guess you could run rubber tyres rather than Black Magic but I would not advise it for a performance option   😉



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Much appreciated. We have taken a similar approach in SA. We opted to drop the minimum weight due to Gen II carbon being much lighter, in the knowledge that less than ~160g, particularly in a V8, was a waste of time! One less thing to monitor in our regular events.

Is there anything similar for the V8s on the way?


Oh and Merry Christmas all! 😀

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