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2022 Slotworx Cup Car Regulations


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Hi All


These regulations are  a polished version of the Interim regulations published here - http://ausmcr.com/forum/index.php?/topic/495-interim-slotworx-porsche-cup-rules/


I have now included some measurements to assist in setting up and scrutineering  the wheelbase and polar length when using Gen II components.


Also note that the max rear tyre size is now 28.5mm (ie as they come out of the packet).


Please note that Garry Johnson; the owner of the Slotworx marque; has authorised me to post these regulations.


1-2022 Slotworx Porsche Cup Rules-page-0.jpg2-2022 Slotworx Porsche Cup Rules-page-1.jpg3-2022 Slotworx Porsche Cup Rules-page-2.jpg4-2022 Slotworx Porsche Cup Rules-page-3.jpg5-2022 Slotworx Porsche Cup Rules-page-4.jpg






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