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Select 1/32 cars for Sale

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Hi guys,

I have a number of I guess what are now arguably Rare / No Longer available 1/32 scale cars for sale.

They are either,  Un-Used and in their Original Boxes, or have Very 'Limited' (Un-Raced) Track Time.

Descriptions of Each are in the Respective 'Posts'.

Just thought I'd 'Post' a 'link' to them here, in case any of you are interested in them.

ASCRA Trading Post


Examples below;


Should have some others available as well, Shortly.











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Item Sold

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Hi again guys,


Well, apart from 1 x car sold when I initially 'posted' this Info', I haven't had a 'skerrick' of interest, so thought I'd 'Bump' the Post up on here and elsewhere,.. with 'Reduced Prices' and Free Postage !!


Thanks for Looking



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Oh well,.. a couple more cars sold,.. finally,.. lol

Harvick Nascar and Ludwig Capri,.. thanks to Sports Racer from Ausslot.


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