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OAPR LMP livery choices explained....

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Hi guys,


There has been some discussion and speculation about the colour schemes and liveries allowed for the OAPR LMP class (please note that I am being specific and I am not generalising the point). First let's quote directly from the National Rules:


'All liveries must be of scaled down 1:1 appearance, however colour combinations and liveries from other modern (year 2000 to present) race cars may be used.'



Actually thought that was pretty clear, but allow me to explain the alternatives in expressing yourself creatively so to speak.


1. The are no fantasy liveries as such.

2. The best livery is an actual representation of the 1:1 car.

3. You are allowed to swap colours around, but you must use all the colours of the original replica. In other words; you could do red over black if the original was black over red. But as for the rest of the car, the decals etc. are still the same.

4.If you really don't like or want to do a replica version of your chosen LMP,  then you are allowed to choose the livery from any modern (year 2000 to present) race car and present your LMP as such. In this case you may not swap colours and to prove your choice you may need to provide photographic evidence (at the scrutineers discretion) that the livery was actually raced since 2000. This proof can be a date marked photo or a publication extract. (Google it and show the organisers the proof on your phone or tablet).



Coming to think of it, I can understand why Werner introduced the body points into his Plafit '70s Sports and CanAm class results, some years ago. It definitely has not distracted from the class popularity and has ensured that the cars on the grid are scale and absolutely beautiful lexan body replicas. This may very well be the next step in this class if racers continue to present cars that simply don't fit the spirit of the class.









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