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Springbok Racer

RedRoo chassis and upgrade parts.

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Hi guys,


I again have both the OAPR LMP and the Lexan GT3 chassis in stock. I also have most replacements parts in stock as well as certain upgrade parts. 


The most common replacement parts include the axle holders - 7.3, 7.8, 8.3, 8.8 and 9.3mm (to match your axle holders; measure the holder from the very top to the very bottom minus 4.0mm) . The motor mount, motor box plate and body mount plates.


The upgrade parts include, different main plates (sizing, configuration and thickness), different motor box plates (aluminium, brass and carbon fibre) and different guide tongues (short or long).


Give me a call if you are after something specific for your RedRoo v1.0 or v3 version.





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Hi Foxy,


Apologies mate, I have simply assumed everyone know the RedRoo's by now - they have been around since 2012. But I guess I never thought of new guys like you ....  LOL.


The current range can be split into two main sections depending what you are wanting to race with it - OAPR LMP or Lexan GT3. The reason for this is generally two fold. The OAPR LMP's are normally long wheelbase cars and the minimum wheel diameters are normally larger. On the other hand, the GT3's are generally shorter and use smaller diameter wheels. However, that said, all the parts are interchangeable and going from a RedRoo v3.3 (LMP) to a RedRoo v3.5 (GT3) may only require a new base plate and /or one set of shorter axleholders.


The basic RedRoo chassis sells for $199.50, a new base plate is $53.50 and axleholders are $20 per set. So is a new motorbox plate, be it brass, aluminium of carbon fibre. By playing around with different pieces the chassis can easily provide a OAPR LMP or Lexan GT3 at their relevant minimum weights.


Here is a photo of a RedRoo under a Audi R10 OAPR LMP - the longest wheelbase car in the class.



This is a photo of the same chassis. The extra weight is no longer required since the minimum weight is now less.



Please let me know if I have missed something - probably assumed you know.....LOL. 


Here is a GT3.....










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