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  3. Due to the cyclonic weather here today and the lower than normal racers the last few weeks . I have decided that tonight is canceled. I’m sure you can spend a quality night cuddled up to your wives. Beers and Cheers Pagey 👩🏼😳🍺🍺🍺
  4. Hi Guys Please note that the change is an update on proceedings outlined in the original post as noted: So you get 2 motors to test and decide on rather than 1 and then possibly take the gamble of swapping it on payment of $15. Cheers FoxBox
  5. There seems to be a slight contradiction between the posts about the motors.
  6. GT3 - Update on entry fee and motors. Entry Fee will now be $165 per team (i.e. - $55 each). This includes the cost of 2 handout motors which will be available from 12:30 on Saturday once the race fee has been paid. You therefore have 4 hours to run in and test prior to GT3 Tech. Cheers FoxBox
  7. OK here are the GT3 teams as at 16:00 May 2nd. OZ Wayne, Cody & Troy FAT Racing Fox, Stoo & Darryl Linfox Rod, John V & Ian R CERT Kim, Noel & Stephen Outer Towners Ian B, Jack & Paul Team JJ JJ, Vito & Clinton HB Racing (TBC) Pierre, TBA & TBA HSC Brad, Jake & TBA Cheers FoxBox
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  9. Results for Thursday 22th of April T - Plafit Historics -2021-04-22T21.59.57.xlsx T - Plafit Mini-Z-2021-04-22T20.52.30.xlsx Results for Thursday 29th of April T - Plafit Historics -2021-04-29T21.54.15.xlsx T - Plafit Mini-Z-2021-04-29T20.42.17.xlsx
  10. Race night seemed to roll around quickly this week . Maybe it was because of the solo effort to put the track up and down without Serg. Last night for this month’s classes. MZ and Pagey finally just got the win by the smallest of margins over Chris . Last bracket was supper close and the pressure was on to not have an off our be to conservative with lap times . Rod finish quite close for third place also . The final Can am race was very very close also . Great to see Jamie put a awesome drive to get a quality win . Pagey was next with the smallest of margin. Then last week’s double winner Greg
  11. Hi Guys, Finally got a a bit of spare time after the race and so a quick wrap up. Cody just smashed us in Qualifying with a TQ that was over a tenth quicker than the older mere mortals. We picked our lanes and off we went. This format of GT3 with the SRP 30,000 motor is the best Enduro format to date in my (and everybody else I spoke to) opinion. The cars are fast, handle well and extremely reliable. A very enjoyable race. OZ dominated the proceedings to finish 28 laps up on FAT with CERT a further 65 behind
  12. Teams for the 8 hour GT3 Race Team OZ FAT Racing Linfox Team Qld Outa Towners Team JJ HB Racing Team HSC Teams for Porsche Cup cars Team OZ FAT Racing Fatoz Team Qld HSC Linfox Outa Towners Team JJ HB Racing
  13. Plenty of entries this time around, 14 in total with a couple of regulars attending who were missing from the previous round and all the entrants for the following day's event getting in some useful 'track time' and racing It allowed us to have 2 x 7 car races,.. Both of which were absolutely fantastic,.. as can be both seen & read about here; http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1618&p=7102#p7102 Very clean and incredibly Close & clean racing, in Both Heats,.. allowing the marshals to virtually 'sit back' & enjoy the great r
  14. FAT Racing for both Races. Also note guys that as the GT3 is 3 man teams and the Porsche Cup 2 man teams this will mean a bit of juggling for team formation. For example: - FAT Racing is Fox, Stoo and Darryl for the GT3 and Team OZ is Wayne, Cody and Troy. Cody and Troy will team for the Porsche Cup and Wayne will team one of FAT Racing to form FATOZ (or OZFAT or whatever). Thus 2 GT3 Teams form 3 Porsche Cup Teams. Gearing remains at 12/44 which worked sensationally for the 6 hour Also we will be using the track call system for dr
  15. Hi guys there has been a bit of a change to the racing on 26th &27th June. NEW,Schedule, Saturday 26th is a two man two hour Porsche Cup race Sunday. 27th is a three man 8 hour GT3 race Schedule. Saturday 6pm Qualify Porsche Cup cars 6.30 Start Racing This is for two man teams,and we will take the first 12 teams to enter.So this means that we will run a round robin race 9 up to 12 teams Once we know how many teams we have we can work out the lengths of the heats. This means if we have 12 teams the heats will be 10 min long.we just want
  16. Agreed Ian, well done by all the teams and a great atmosphere as usual. Well done Wayne and Cody on your win. You’ve lifted the bar which is awsome 👌. As Ian said can’t wait for the final race at Hornsby..
  17. Would like to thank Mark and James for putting a great race meeting on, Great fun relaxed event great drivers looking forward to the 8 hour, Team OZ may give every one 5 min start every bracket, Cody and Wayne put on a master class on.
  18. Hi Wayne Please enter team Cert for the event. Thanks mate. Kim, Noel and TBA
  19. Great choice Wayne, Outer Towners are in.
  20. Ok Racers this Porsche Cup 8 hour race has now be changed to GT3 cars NOT Porsche Cup cars, After the GT3 race we all decided that these are soooo awesome in all ways ,So hopefully the 8 teams who have signed up for the Porsche Cup cars are still interested in racing GT3. let me know early
  21. Just a few photos from years past . I’m sure I have others somewhere. Thanks everyone and especially James for the memories.
  22. Very sad news indeed. Thanks again to James for his fantastic dedication to our little hobby and the years of fun we have enjoyed on that great track and centre . I wish him all the best in whatever is next for him . My memories are very short compared to others but every race meeting in Hornsby was just awesome. To be able to attract the best racers from around the country every year. Then to enjoy just fantastic Endurance racing and battles on track it was unbelievable . I found there was always a brilliant race spirit throughout those weekends. To see the best drivers go to the next lev
  23. Another race night dusted . Great night for Gregg who makes the trip most weeks from Sydney down to Shellharbour. He drove a nice race to the top step in MZ with Jules in for a solid second place .It’s Continued success for Jules over the last few weeks and also good to see his results . Pagey rounding out the podium places . Can Am and it was Gregg again to the top . Only just over Pagey but a an awesome nights work for Gregg . Jamie made the final step of the podium and again it’s great to see him having a good run . Cheers Pagey
  24. Hi All Well the news is not good but we knew it was going to happen sooner rather than later. HSC will be no more after the end of June 2021. Cheers (with tears😭) FoxBox
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