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  1. Available in 1/32 and 1/24 Lexan. Will be available as a 3d printed body on request.
  2. 1/24 SCALEAUTO GT 2019 REGULATIONS - SC-8000 Chassis Cars 1.1.0. GENERAL DESCRIPTION (a) The only cars (bodies) permitted to enter are: (i) The Scaleauto Porsche 911 GT3 RSR (997 + 991). (Not the GT3 Rally or GT3 Cup versions). (ii) The Scaleauto BMW M3 GT2. (iii) The Scaleauto Jaguar XKR-RSR GT2. (iv) The Scaleauto Mercedes Benz SLS GT3. (v) The Scaleauto Audi R8 LMS GT3. (vi) The Scaleauto BMW Z4 GT3 (vii) The Scaleauto Viper SRT GTS-R (b ) It is the responsibility of the racer to ensure that t
  3. Unfortunately my health this year has taken a low road as some of you know so i wont be over next year...
  4. I still have all the hose and fittings here noel from your op we can "fit" them to pagey? 🤣
  5. i'm doing the same livery but on my slotworx!
  6. geez your letting the team down, the logo isnt in the middle of the track...
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