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  1. Would like to thank Mark and James for putting a great race meeting on, Great fun relaxed event great drivers looking forward to the 8 hour, Team OZ may give every one 5 min start every bracket, Cody and Wayne put on a master class on.
  2. Great choice Wayne, Outer Towners are in.
  3. We will be there Wayne.
  4. Outer Towners are looking for another driver, Jack had to pull out.
  5. Thanks Wayne, I have fitted ball bearing to my cars on my track there is no improvement in times, but a lot saver for long runs than bronze bushes. Just to let members know Plaig bearings are good quality and about $2 each.
  6. Wayne you can put Outer Towners down for the weekends GT3 and Porsche 8 hour Paul Jack and Ian
  7. Take charge Wayne, it can not happen a 3rd time. I do not think Ball bearings will be much faster, but the new plafit bushings will not go the distance and oiling at green a waist of time.
  8. Well said Garry, any chance before the 8 hour at Hornsby? I have big concerns with no fluids allowed.
  9. Just went to fit new oil lites too my Porsche they are bronze bushings Plafit, Our rules no fluids at lane change these bushes like slick 7 flexi days unless oiled regularly axle stuffed ,I am not aware if there are 3mm drill blank axle, If oil lites are not available, then Ball races are the way to go Plaig bearings $2.50 each, with our stupid no fluids at lane change rule, 6 hour 8 hour will be fun with these bushes.
  10. Great work Rodney ,you are on to the main event for Hornsby.
  11. Mark, you are doing a great job, can not wait to catch up with all.
  12. Come on interstaters, Make this a great event for James it may be the the last scale event at Hornsby.
  13. Fox Jack and Ian Outer Towners for all events.
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