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  1. Hi Guys Please note that the change is an update on proceedings outlined in the original post as noted: So you get 2 motors to test and decide on rather than 1 and then possibly take the gamble of swapping it on payment of $15. Cheers FoxBox
  2. GT3 - Update on entry fee and motors. Entry Fee will now be $165 per team (i.e. - $55 each). This includes the cost of 2 handout motors which will be available from 12:30 on Saturday once the race fee has been paid. You therefore have 4 hours to run in and test prior to GT3 Tech. Cheers FoxBox
  3. OK here are the GT3 teams as at 16:00 May 2nd. OZ Wayne, Cody & Troy FAT Racing Fox, Stoo & Darryl Linfox Rod, John V & Ian R CERT Kim, Noel & Stephen Outer Towners Ian B, Jack & Paul Team JJ JJ, Vito & Clinton HB Racing (TBC) Pierre, TBA & TBA HSC Brad, Jake & TBA Cheers FoxBox
  4. Hi Guys, Finally got a a bit of spare time after the race and so a quick wrap up. Cody just smashed us in Qualifying with a TQ that was over a tenth quicker than the older mere mortals. We picked our lanes and off we went. This format of GT3 with the SRP 30,000 motor is the best Enduro format to date in my (and everybody else I spoke to) opinion. The cars are fast, handle well and extremely reliable. A very enjoyable race. OZ dominated the proceedings to finish 28 laps up on FAT with CERT a further 65 behind
  5. FAT Racing for both Races. Also note guys that as the GT3 is 3 man teams and the Porsche Cup 2 man teams this will mean a bit of juggling for team formation. For example: - FAT Racing is Fox, Stoo and Darryl for the GT3 and Team OZ is Wayne, Cody and Troy. Cody and Troy will team for the Porsche Cup and Wayne will team one of FAT Racing to form FATOZ (or OZFAT or whatever). Thus 2 GT3 Teams form 3 Porsche Cup Teams. Gearing remains at 12/44 which worked sensationally for the 6 hour Also we will be using the track call system for dr
  6. Hi All Well the news is not good but we knew it was going to happen sooner rather than later. HSC will be no more after the end of June 2021. Cheers (with tears😭) FoxBox
  7. OK As of tonight it seems we have: - Team OZ Wayne & Cody Outer Towners Ian & Paul FAT Racing Fox, Stoo & Darryl CERT Kim, Noel & Stephen Linfox Rod, John V & Ian (TBC) HSC Racing Brad & Jake So that makes (in all probability) 4 teams of 2 racers and 2 teams of 3. As I believe the main concern is to have a race and so have some fun I will organise the proceedings to ensure that to the best of my ability that is what will happen. To enable the race to proce
  8. Hey Ax (and others) I found these a while ago: - https://plaig.com.au they are very impressive and good price. I use these: - https://plaig.com.au/product/3x6x2-5mm-flanged-bearing-metal-shields-mf63zz/?v=6cc98ba2045f Cheers FoxBox
  9. Hi Guys We now have 6 entries as the TBC (Stallion) has pulled out. Team OZ Wayne, Cody & Stevo (supplied Marshal for driver changes and rest breaks etc - will also assist other teams if required) Outer Towners Ian, Jack & Paul FAT Racing Fox, Stoo & Darryl CERT Kim, Noel & Stephen Linfox Rod, John V & Ian (TBC) HSC Racing Brad, Jake & TBA Two more to round out the field would be great - any takers??? Updated at 00:45 April 3. Cheers FoxBox
  10. FYI Fluids are allowed - under green as always. I went 6 hours no fluids in all three of the 'Lexan Shoootouts' no probs. However you are correct to say that the SS axles cop a hiding as they are soft compared to a drill blank. The Slick 7 bushes are a real problem as Garry says and I have had an axle lock up dead with them in early retro days before I got it - they need constant lubrication. So ball races would be an obvious solution and actually be more economical in the long run, they are also easier to set up - gets my vote. Cheers FoxBox
  11. Hi Garry, Just saw this post - great looking piece of kit. Apart from the 2 position T plate and adjustable bearing holder positioning it looks to have an adjustable guide tongue as well? A well thought out and very versatile chassis - looking forward to seeing one in the flesh. Cheers FoxBox
  12. Hi Ax Sprint Series = Individual event. Great to have you guys coming down. Cheers
  13. Great stuff Kim. Hope we are not the chips - look out for the Hot FAT😎
  14. Hi Guys, To help maximise the racing we may have on HSC in what is possibly the last year we have another enduro scheduled. Class - GT3 run to current rules as per ACE Website. Motor - BYO SRP 30K Pinion - 12T is nominated to promote motor longevity Teams - 2 to 4 (must supply a marshal at all times so any 2 man teams will need to consider management of driver change) Entry Fee - $150 per team Date - 25 April 2021 Track open - 9:00 Tech - 9:30 Concours - 9:45 Qualifying for lane draw - 9:50 Race start - 10:00 Es
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