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The 2019 Mr Slotcar - Slotcar Fest will be raced on the weekend of the 24/25th of August .   Venue is complex of Mr Slotcar Address is 3/42 Hallam South Road . Hallam Victoria 3803 Sched

ha ha what a joke!!!  you guys need to take a chill pill.   Its pretty obvious that you have to race the branded motors as stipulated,  if you know how to get around that please let me know.!!!! 

Hi All I can confirm that it will be Hand out motors for all classes , with this in mind can have all entries confirmed so we can order so motors    Greg Colgate Colagn 

Posted Images

Big thanks to all of the racers. They made it a great weekend of racing. Always great to see our race mates from over the border.


Stay tuned for an announcement regarding a 12 hour race in April sometime 2020.

More details will follow here on this forum and our Facebook page too.




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   Great photos and even better weekend. Ok just to let everyone know I have just got home from Doctors. It appears highly likely that I do have the flu 😷. I apologise to everyone as I wasn’t sick when we left home .I would not have come if I new what was about to hit me .  I have had a nose swap done to do a test to confirm. The results won’t be back for at least 24hrs. However the advice is if you feel unwell please go straight to Doctors. The window for treatments is the first 24hrs from when to start to feel unwell. I unfortunately I have missed the window on treatments and have to ride it out . Truely sorry everyone as it was awesome weekend. Please tell the other Mexican’s who are not on forum. We don’t want another Inca population dropping off.😷😬💀


Sorry everyone 



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All recovered now from the weekend ... what a beauty it was !


Thanks to Peter & Deb for holding another great event at what is the best facility we have in the country for slotcar racing. Greg Colgate, thanks for organising and managing affairs for the event.;)

Racing was as fierce as ever and expected, well done to all including winners and placegetters for all classes. Richard for the great job in scrutineering, usually a thankless task , but was great to see almost all cars pass with no issues.

Again had the pleasure of racing with my team mate Pagey ..... the guy is a soldier !!! I nearly knocked him out with what he thought were rhino tranquilisers on Saturday, then tried to kill off the flu with tequila on Saturday night to no avail mind you, got him up Sunday and what a kick arse drive in the state he was in.


Sure we had some bad luck, but so did many others, but above all we had fun ( we being me because im not sick yet ) xD.


To come away with a couple of trophies was a fantastic result 


Really looking forward to the proposed enduro down there for next year 





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I have finally got test results from Doctors. I do have influenza A . Bad shit and sorry to all . I hope that no one has caught it from me . Ben has managed to still be ok so far so here is hoping for all . 


Pagey 😷💀

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I must be lucky or have an awesome immune system .... haven’t had a flu shot in 20+ years !! 💪🏽💪🏽 20 hours in a car with Pagey .... no problems 🤣🤣🤣


Seriously though it’s not good, he is on the mend now and doesn’t look like death warmed up anymore 

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Now that I am fit enough to get to my computer, nothing to do with the carrier of the black plague[flu], I would like to thank the team of Benno and Pagey for all of there help with the scurtineering over the weekend. You guys made it quick and easy to get through things and it was a pleasure to not have any major issues to deal with, that trick of Bennos using his phone to check pinions is a little ripper. Just goes to show you what a young head can come up with, smart lad that young man. Great weekend of good racing, hope to see you all when the 12 hour race is sorted. Thanks again fellas it was a great weekend.

Richard M.

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