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2021 HSC Slotworx Porsche Cup Sprint series

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The Porsche Cup sprint series is starting again for Slotworx  cars, this series is run to Australian Rules and only use Gen 1 chassis.

Entry Fee.......$10

No Qualifying.

Start at 6pm. Track on at 5.30 for practice 

This is a 4round series with points handed out for each round






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Gee,.. NO Need to be agressive or offended about it Wayne,... 😧


It was merely a suggestion & statement of fact.

The HSC Series is (with regard to who normally turns up to race), just 'Local' Club Racing,.. as with the Regular "Bull Ring" reports & announcements.


Apologies for seemingly 'giving a shit',... :)

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Thanks Wayne, I have fitted ball bearing to my cars on my track there is no improvement in times, but a lot saver for long runs than bronze bushes.

Just to let members know Plaig bearings are good quality and about $2 each.

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22 minutes ago, Axman said:

Where can I get some of these plaig bearings.. sound impressive.


eBay, I’ve been using them for a few years.

he has most any size you’d want, I even replaced the trigger bush in my ACD controllers with bearings from him.

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