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Just  went to fit new oil lites too my Porsche they are bronze bushings Plafit, Our rules no fluids at lane change these bushes like slick 7 flexi days unless oiled regularly axle stuffed ,I am not aware if there are 3mm drill blank axle, If oil lites are not available, then Ball races are the way to go Plaig bearings $2.50 each, with our stupid no fluids at lane change rule, 6 hour 8 hour will be fun with these bushes.

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I have my doubts about these brass bushes. Slick7 brought out similar things years ago (probably still do) and you had to lubricate them constantly because they don't retain oil like sintered bronze does. Also most of us are using Plafit axles which, I believe are stainless steel. These bushes will chew out a stainless steel axle in no time, drill blank axles are the best alternative but hard to get in 2.9?mm.

I've spoken to Werner but there doesn't seem to be any alternative coming.


THEREFORE, I think I'd best change the rules for the coming year to allow any axle bearings. Everyone I've spoken to is in favour of switching to any bearings, and I can supply chassis kits with ball races for only $8 more than oilites. Of course this only applies to National Events, for club racing do whatever makes you happy.


All in favour .................

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Fluids are allowed - under green as always.

I went 6 hours no fluids in all three of the 'Lexan Shoootouts' no probs.

However you are correct to say that the SS axles cop a hiding as they are soft compared to a drill blank.

The Slick 7 bushes are a real problem as Garry says and I have had an axle lock up dead with them in early retro days before I got it - they need constant lubrication.

So ball races would be an obvious solution and actually be more economical in the long run, they are also easier to set up - gets my vote.




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Ok Balls get my vote,So see how I organised the eight hour, Iam going to change the rules to allow any type of 3mm axle ball bearings. So who ever is responsible for National Rules,how about changing them.

PS, How about changing ground clearance tech at end of race for Porsche Cup car. ONLY kidding. Third time lucky for Team OZ

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Take charge Wayne, it can not happen a 3rd time.

I do not think Ball bearings will be much faster, but the new plafit bushings will not go the distance and oiling at green a waist of time.

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