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Exactly Brett, Werner is the best scrutineer I've seen, he uses a 0.9mm wire (or thereabouts) to measure clearance.

yep we are ready. got the stable ready and lest see how they role.  Sorry for the shadows ,but not used to taking photos in the sun !!!!😉

The rules say 13mm maximum rear tyre width. A 13mm anything is not going to 'fall through' a 13mm hole. The tech tool would need a gap of at least 13.1mm (probably more) to work this way. The rul

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The 2018 Mr Slotcar - Slotcar Fest will be raced on the weekend of the 25/26th of August .
Venue is complex of Mr Slotcar
Address is 3/42 Hallam South Road . Hallam Victoria 3803
Schedule Saturday 25th
Slotworx GT3 Cup 2 hour Enduro 11am - 1pm
Scaleauto 2 hour Enduro 2 - 4 pm
Slotworx V8 2 hour Enduro 6 - 8 pm
Sunday 26 th
Lexan GT3 2 hour Enduro 11am -1 pm
OAPR LMP 2 hpour Enduro 2 pm - 4pm
Teams Entered

http://www.caseyonprincesmotel.com.au/ This is almost walking distance.
How to get here.......
Hallam train station is only minutes away.Buses stop close by too.
Driving,follow the directions for the city for SE suburbs,on the Monash freeway follow signs for Warragul,
Exit the freeway at Hallam Belgrave road,head right and go across Princess highway.....You are now in
Hallam Sth Road.
Taxi 13CABS 132227
Some eating places.......
Lots of takeaway places such as Hungry Jacks,bakery,Indian,Subway plus many more. All walking distance.
I've put these up if your not dining in. But remember don't bring out side food back inside the venue
The track will be open from 10am till 9pm for practice - All Classes
There will be a $20 practice fee per team - This will cover all 3 days
Race Fees will be $40 per team for each Class.
9.30am Cafe Opens
10 am Track will be turned off for Slotworx GT3 Cup Scrutineering
11 am Slotworx GT3 Cup Race Start
1 pm Track will be turned off for  Scaleauto Scrutineering
2 pm Scaleauto Race Start
5 pm Slotworx V8 Pratice
6 pm Track will be turned off for Slotworx V8 Scrutineering
7 pm Slotworx V8 Race Start
9 pm Estimate finish
9 am Cafe Opens
Lexan GT and OALMP Pratice
10 am Track will be turned off for Lexan GT and OALMP Scrutineering
11 am Lexan GT Race Start
2 pm OALMP Race Start
4.30 Weekend Finished
Some updates
Scaleauto 2 hour Enduro       will be using the Rule set from Ace Hobbies
Slotworx V8       SRP Motor
OALMP Race     NSR 25 k     11t or 12 t  Pinion
Teams Entered
Warhammer All Classes
Team Croc  All Classes
COBRA racing All Classes
outer towners All Classes
Garage Heroes All Classes
Race Ya Later All Classes
Team Oh No You Don't All Classes
Team SA All Classes
Greg C
Edited by Greg Colgan
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On 5/29/2018 at 10:29 AM, kart.68 said:


What motors for OLMP 25000 our 30000 RPM please.

Having driven at Hallam with these cars i would say 25000, they are doing 6.2 - 6.3's for memory ( which is very sharp around there ) 

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Not sure if I can make it. The crazy "Hot Pit" rule might make up my mind for me.


Hot Pits were used at large races (70, 80 entries or more) so that drivers in each race could set up their pit near to the track. A pit area for each lane.


I don't where the card table idea came from but it's not right.

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The Garage Heroes will be back for all classes, driving for the team will be Myself and GregC.


Greg has updated his first post with rule and motor info.

Ill let him know that ScaleAuto chassis info needs clarification.


Gary, the " hot pit " issue was discussed last week, any suggestions are welcome, as we all agree that last year was not ideal.


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Brett, has anyone come up with a valid reason why we should have a "hot pit" that is nothing like real "hot pits".


My suggestion is forget about it. If you're worried about people cheating, just mark bodies and chassis at tech. Everything else can be replaced under the rules.


I'm moving house first week of September so I may not be able to make it anyway.

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